November 1, 2021

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  • 12:01am SCG3 Special Report by Lordi on The Arockalypse (The End Records)
  • 12:04am You Are Dead by Mind Spiders on Meltdown (Dirtnap Records)
  • 12:06am Ghost by The Frights on Fur Sure – EP (Postmark Records)
  • 12:09am Witchcraft, Pt. II by DZ Deathrays on Bloody Lovely (I OH YOU)
  • 12:13am Blackmagic by T.S.O.L. on Change Today? (Ryko/Rhino)
  • 12:19am Horror Movie by Death Valley Girls on Glow in the Dark (Suicide Squeeze Records)
  • 12:22am What Kind of Monster Are You? by Slant 6 on Soda Pop * Rip Off (Dischord)
  • 12:24am Vampire Lessons by Forgetters on Forgetters – EP (Too Small To Fail)
  • 12:27am Intro by The Creeping Cruds on The Incredibly Strange People Who Stopped Living and Became… The Creeping Cruds (SPAT! Records)
  • 12:28am I Was a Teenage Werewolf by The Creeping Cruds on Tennessee Bloodbath (SPAT! Records)
  • 12:34am The Creeps by Social Distortion on Mommy’s Little Monster (The Bicycle Music Company)
  • 12:36am Death Is Forming by Jay Reatard on Blood Visions (Fat Possum)
  • 12:38am Death Rehearsal by Toy Love on Toy Love (Flying Nun Records)
  • 12:41am I Ain’t Nuthin’ But a Gorehound (Live) by The Cramps on Smell of Female (Live) (Vengeance Records)
  • 12:45am A Beginning to an End by The Infected on Out for Blood (Bouncing Betty Records)
  • 12:48am Demonica by Dwarves on The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking (Greedy Media)
  • 12:50am Dead Guy by Dog Party on Vol. 4 (Asian Man Records)
  • 12:53am Ghost With a Boner by Diarrhea Planet on Aloha – EP (Infinity Cat Recordings)
  • 12:58am Trick or Treat Dancefloor by Cherry Glazerr on Haxel Princess (Burger Records)
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