October 18, 2021: Antes de Tudo

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  • 8:00pm Transmission by Steel Harmony on digital single (self-released)
  • 8:01pm Antes de Tudo by Liniker & Orkestra Rumpilezz on Indigo Borboleta Anil (Liniker)
  • 8:05pm Always Together by The Dells on Oh What a Night!: The Great Ballads (Geffen*)
  • 8:08pm Kaifak Ya Gharamee by Melhem Barakat on Yemkin Nithana Behobek (Sundos/musicbox)
  • 8:21pm Tongues by Tanya Tagaq on Tongues (Six Shooter Records Inc.)
  • 8:25pm Morje Brezčasno by Videosex on Ljubi In Sovraži (Dallas Records Slovenia)
  • 8:31pm Two Face by L’Rain on Fatigue (Mexican Summer)
  • 8:37pm Darkest Night by Keith Hudson on Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood (VP Records)
  • 8:40pm Darkest Night Version by Keith Hudson on Flesh of My Skin Blood of My Blood (VP Records)
  • 8:42pm Umkhumbi kaMa by Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O on UMDALI (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)
  • 8:52pm Stellular by Alice Clark on Stellular (Decay Records)
  • 8:58pm Sankofa by Amaro Freitas on Sankofa (Far Out Recordings)
  • 9:06pm Ana Moush Kafer by Ziyad Al Rahbani & Sami Hawat on Ana Moush Kafer (Ziad Al Rahbani)
  • 9:13pm Mikroorganizmi by Rambo Amadeus & Goran Vejvoda on Mikroorganizmi (Fair Share)
  • 9:18pm Tmina by ŽETEOCI on To Nije Tajna (Croatia Records)
  • 9:21pm Shoka No Kaori (Single Version) [2020 Remaster] by 久保田麻琴と夕焼け楽団 on Hawai Champroo (Delax Edition) [2020 Remaster] (SOLID RECORDS/TRIO RECORDS)
  • 9:27pm Express Yourself by Quenum on Express Yourself / Infinity Circle – EP (PACIFIC RECORDS LONDON)
  • 9:34pm Deep With Techno Stab by Ndoks Da Ox on Balanced Oxidation (Selville Records)
  • 9:42pm Eri Eri Eri Eri Eri Rema Rema Rema Rema Rema by Rắn Cạp Đuôi on Ngủ Ngày Ngay Ngày Tận Thế (Subtext)
  • 9:46pm mostly chimes by Adrianne Lenker on instrumentals (4AD)
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