September 21, 2021

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  • 11:30am Love Love Love by The Feminine Complex on Livin’ Love (Modern Harmonic)
  • 11:32am From Philip Roth to R Zimmerman by Amy Rigby on The Old Guys (Southern Domestic Recordings)
  • 11:36am A Million Miles To The City by Tom T. Hall on In Search Of A Song (Mercury Nashville)
  • 11:39am Car Wheels On a Gravel Road by Lucinda Williams on Car Wheels On a Gravel Road (Island Mercury)
  • 11:45am Love Is Not a Sin by Wild Ponies on Radiant (No Evil Records)
  • 11:49am Glory In the Meeting House by Deanie Richardson on Circle Up (Engelhardt Music Group)
  • 11:53am Old by Reckless Johnny Wales on American Heart (Amerikandy Records)
  • 11:57am Ain’t Got Jesus by Rayna Gellert on When the Sun Goes Down (Dead Reckoning Records)
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