September 7, 2021

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  • 11:30am Wide Open Spaces by Soccer Mommy on Wide Open Spaces – Single (Fat Possum)
  • 11:35am Re-Member by Steelism on ism (Thirty Tigers)
  • 11:37am Nuages by Miss Tess on Doucet (Rights Records)
  • 11:41am Martian Poetry by Kansas Bible Company on Saturn’s Return (Hotel Records)
  • 11:45am Portals by Katy Kirby on Cool Dry Place (Keeled Scales)
  • 11:48am Deeper Well by David Olney on Deeper Well (Philo / Rounder)
  • 11:51am Those Loving Eyes by Nellen Dryden on Standstill (Fairfax Records)
  • 11:55am Air That I Breathe by Melanie on Wow And Flutter (Melanie)
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