September 4, 2021

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  • 4:01pm Disco A by Oh Shu on Pulchra Ondo (Oh Shu)
  • 4:03pm John L by black midi on John L / Despair – Single (rought trade)
  • 4:09pm Nowhere by LOOP POOL on Now And Then (REVUVER Records)
  • 4:17pm RED ZONE by NANIWA EXPRESS on Daiuchuhmugenryokushin (Sony Music Direct (Japan) Inc.)
  • 4:19pm Arms & Legs by Horsey on Everyone’s Tongue – Single (Horsey)
  • 4:20pm Don’t Panic by Hoops on English Breakfast – Single (Fat Possum)
  • 4:27pm Breezin’ by Masayoshi Takanaka on On Guitar (JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment)
  • 4:32pm Infection! by Self-Help on If I Left the Country… (Self-Help)
  • 4:34pm Metamorphose by mitsume on VI (mitsume)
  • 4:36pm The Only Son by The Drums on MOMMY DON’T SPANK ME (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 4:38pm Slayer Moon by Braids on Slayer Moon / 2020 – Single (Braids Musique)
  • 4:41pm An Undersea Stone by Boys Age on An Undersea Stone – Single (Boys Age)
  • 4:50pm Disco Kitchen by Gardens & Villa on Disco Kitchen – Single (Gardens & Villa)
  • 4:54pm Pastel Memories by Lionmilk on I Hope You Are Well (Leaving Records)
  • 4:56pm Evening by Maston on Tulips (Phonoscope)
  • 4:58pm Pine Trees by Mary Lattimore on Silver Ladders (Ghostly International)
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