August 31, 2021

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  • 11:30am In The Nick Of Time by John The Shaman on Conversations with the Self Part 3 (John The Shaman)
  • 11:31am Call Me When You Land by Old Sea Brigade & Luke Sital-Singh on Call Me When You Land – Single (Nettwerk Records)
  • 11:36am Let It Out by Christa Wells on Pacific (Kiss Me Not)
  • 11:39am Pushed to the Side by The Coal Men on Pushed to the Side (Vaskaleedez Records)
  • 11:43am Are You Still Taking Them Pills by McKay & Leigh on McKay & Leigh (Voxhall Records)
  • 11:47am Doin’ Well by Audrey Auld on Losing Faith (Reckless Records)
  • 11:50am Astro Freak by Smart Objects on Smart Objects (Smart Objects)
  • 11:53am Come Down by Bully on SUGAREGG (Sub Pop Records)
  • 11:57am Everest by All Them Witches on Nothing as the Ideal (New West Records)
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