July 18, 2021

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  • 8:00pm Drops in the Water by Picnic on Picnic (Daisart)
  • 8:06pm Smile by Ulla on Tumbling Towards a Wall (Experiences Ltd)
  • 8:11pm Karen’s Dream by Zeta Zeta on Dream Hotel (Blank Editions)
  • 8:17pm Healing Is a Miracle by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is a Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  • 8:21pm Indefinite Fields by Rafael Anton Irisarri on The Shameless Years (Umor-Rex)
  • 8:27pm This Spring of Love by Yamaneko on Spirals Heaven Wide (Local Action)
  • 8:31pm Woven by Emily A. Sprague on Hill, Flower, Fog (RVNG Intl.)
  • 8:36pm – – – by Ana Roxanne on Because of a Flower (kranky)
  • 8:42pm Violet by Blue Chemise on Daughters of Time (Students Of Decay)
  • 8:43pm Roaming by Photay on On Hold (Mexican Summer)
  • 8:48pm Theme From Tristes Tropiques / Avian Modulations / Life In the Canopy by Andrew Pekler on Tristes Tropiques (Faitiche)
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