June 30, 2021

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  • 10:01am Sun Worship by Juleah on Stoked On Planet Summer (Konkord)
  • 10:04am Miedo a la Música by Petróleo on Miedo a la Música – Single (Sonido Muchacho)
  • 10:08am Malembe by KOKOKO! on Fongola (Transgressive)
  • 10:11am Louie Louie by Joske Harry’s met het Orkest The King Creoles on The King Creoles – single (Radio Martiko)
  • 10:16am RIP 305 Park and Ride (feat. Dave Bolt) by Melanie Beth Curran on Hot Sauce in Kitsap County (Melanie Beth Curran)
  • 10:19am Porrovia by Frente Cumbiero on Cera Perdida (Salgaelsol & Biche)
  • 10:22am Power Bottom Blues by Avida Dollars on Pizza Elders EP (Delicious Clam Records)
  • 10:24am Ornament by Ulrika Spacek on Sofa Description 7″ – Single (Tough Love Records)
  • 10:30am Play Rock and Roll by The Psyched on Body Buzz (Specious Arts)
  • 10:32am Move Tan by Chouk Bwa & The Ångströmers on Vodou Ale (Bongo Joe)
  • 10:35am I Could Be Better Than You but I Don’t Wanna Change by The Feeling of Love on Reward Your Grace (Born Bad Records)
  • 10:39am Leungiteun by Yanti Bersaudara on Yanti Bersaudara (Sounds of Asia)
  • 10:41am Worry by Grace Vonderkuhn on Reveries (Egghunt Records)
  • 10:46am Funny Man by Memes on Blah Blah Blah (Six Tonnes De Chair)
  • 10:48am Raqsah Arabiyah by Hany Mehanna on The Miracles of the Seven Dances (Radio Martiko)
  • 10:51am Blue as I Can Be by Mr. Airplane Man on Jacaranda Blue (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • 10:57am Back Stabber by Slumb Party on Spending Money (Drunken Sailor)
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