June 23, 2021

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  • 10:00am Angst In My Pants by Sparks on Angst In My Pants (Oglio Records)
  • 10:04am She’s Alright by The Boars on The Boars (Theodore)
  • 10:07am NIB- Black Sabbath (Cover by Urvah Khan) by URVah Khan on The Wrath of Urvah Khan (723357 Records DK)
  • 10:11am Mama Look-A Boo-Boo by Duke Errol & The Lords on Muriel’s Treasure, Vol. 1: Vintage Calypso from the 1950s & 1960s (Muriel’s Treasure)
  • 10:15am Fantasia by Sávila on Sávila (Self-Released)
  • 10:19am Nel continente nero by Bokassà/Maybe I’m on Paraponziponzipò (Lepers Produtcions)
  • 10:22am I Can’t Feel by CROCODELIA on Out of the Swamp – EP (赤瞳音樂 / 太合麥田)
  • 10:26am Espejamen by Tucan on Empatitis (Sonido Muchacho)
  • 10:30am Honky Tonk Guitar by Karen Collins & Backroads Band on Tail Light Blues (Azalea City Recordings)
  • 10:34am Harmandan Gel by Kerkayas on 2020 – EP (Arsivplak)
  • 10:37am Broken Vessels by Arrington De Dionyso on Honey and Poison (2019) MALAIKAT DAN SINGA (self released)
  • 10:42am Air-Conditioned Man by Thursdays’ Children on Trash Box – Wild Psychotic Garage Punk!!! (Hit Records)
  • 10:46am Spin by Dumspell on Dumspell (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
  • 10:48am There Are Two Truths, It Depends On Where You Stand by MonoNeon on Uncle Curtis Answered the Lobster Telephone (Dywane Thomas Jr.)
  • 10:53am El Pachangero by Milpa on El Pachangero – single (self released)
  • 10:57am Thinking Of The USA by Eater on Perfect Unpop: Peel Show Hits & Long Lost Lo-Fi Favourites Vol. 1 1976-1980 (Cherry Red Records)
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