June 16, 2021

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  • 12:00am Lo/Hi by The Black Keys on “Let’s Rock”
  • 12:02am In Time by Danny Elfman on Big Mess (Anti/Epitaph)
  • 12:03am Bonefish by Animal Collective on Strawberry Jam (Domino Recording Co)
  • 12:07am Immortal Soldier by Human Eye on 4: Into Unknown (Goner)
  • 12:13am Drink Rain by Iceage on Seek Shelter (Mexican Summer)
  • 12:21am Horse Blind by Dawn Of Humans on Slurping At the Cosmos Spine (La Vida Es Un Mus Discos)
  • 12:24am Last Living Animal / Seasick by The Coltranes on Never Sleep Again (Hip Kid Records)
  • 12:26am God’s Chest by Uranium Club on All of Them Naturals (Static Shock)
  • 12:30am The Scene Expands by Alien Nosejob on Hc45-2 – EP (Iron Lung Records)
  • 12:31am Sad Planet by Happy Diving on Big World (Father/Daughter Records)
  • 12:33am I Bleed by Pixies on Doolittle (4AD)
  • 12:35am The Fiend by Public Eye on Music for Leisure (Pop Wig)
  • 12:41am Mickey Mouse by Wavves on King of the Beach (Fat Possum)
  • 12:42am She Sustains Us by LVL UP on Return to Love (Sub Pop Records)
  • 12:49am In a Jar by Dinosaur JR on You’re Living All over Me (Merge Records)
  • 12:52am Stop Thinking About It by Joey Ramone on Don’t Worry About Me (Castle Communications)
  • 1:08am Paradise by ANOHNI on Paradise – EP (Rough Trade)
  • 1:09am Flash by Creative Adult on Psychic Mess (Run For Cover Records)
  • 1:13am World Coming Down by Type O Negative on World Coming Down (Roadrunner Records)
  • 1:24am only tomorrow by My Bloody Valentine on m b v (Domino Recording Co)
  • 1:34am The Last Ray by This Mortal Coil on It’ll End in Tears (Remastered) (4AD)
  • 1:37am Defector / Ed by No Age on An Object (Sub Pop Records)
  • 1:40am Green Lady by Merchandise on After the End (4AD)
  • 1:46am Sanctified by Nine Inch Nails on Pretty Hate Machine (The Bicycle Music Company)
  • 1:51am Vivian Girls by Fucked Up on Hidden World (Epitaph)
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