June 15, 2021

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  • 10:00pm Congratulations by Elvis Perkins on Bob Dylan In The 80s: Volume One
  • 10:02pm What’s in My Head? by Fuzz on Fuzz (In The Red)
  • 10:03pm Heavy Glow by Heavy Glow on Heavy Glow – EP (StockXChange Music)
  • 10:14pm Город бродячих собак by Ploho, Molchat Doma on По краю острова – Single (2019 RDS Records)
  • 10:18pm The Cave by Timothy Eerie on Ritual (Nomad Eel Records / Fat Elvis Records)
  • 10:21pm Where Is My Mind? by Pixies on Surfer Rosa (Remastered) (4AD)
  • 10:30pm Mind, Drips by Neon Indian on Psychic Chasms (Static Tongues)
  • 10:33pm Current Affair (feat. Sienna) by Sextile on Current Affair (feat. Sienna) – Single (felte)
  • 10:36pm Chapel in My Mind by The UFO Club on The UFO Club / Night Beats – EP (feat. Night Beats & The UFO Club) (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
  • 10:47pm Precious Star by Vinyl Williams on Precious Star – Single (Harmony Records)
  • 10:52pm Clouds of Your Mind by The Kundalini Genie on It’s All in Your Head (Little Cloud Records)
  • 11:05pm Unity by The Beginner’s Mynd on Don’t Lose Your Mind (13 O’Clock Records)
  • 11:08pm In My First Mind by Steve Miller Band on Children of the Future (Capitol Records)
  • 11:22pm Mind Flowers by Ultimate Spinach on Behold & See (Iris Music Group)
  • 11:36pm Where Is My Mind by Vanilla Fudge on Renaissance (Remastered) (Rhino Atlantic)
  • 11:39pm Peace on the Penna by I 4 A on I 4 A (2493955 Records DK)
  • 11:55pm Peace of Mind by Blue Cheer on Good Times Are So Hard to Find: The History of Blue Cheer (Island Mercury)
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