June 2, 2021

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  • 10:00am drink that turpentine by Made For Chickens By Robots on plays songs you never want to hear again (white bread mexican production universe)
  • 10:03am Cuatro cosas by Los Tesoros on Los Tesoros cantan cuatro cosas (Ediciones Populares)
  • 10:06am Them by The Peelies on Together Forever – EP (Lava Dance Records)
  • 10:09am Cihangir Vampiri by Taner Öngür on Asrî Sadâ (Tantana Records)
  • 10:15am Love Will Tear Us Apart by Capitol 1212 ft. Earl 16 on single (Happy People Records)
  • 10:19am Love Will Tear Us Apart by Messer Chups on New Wave or Surf Wave – EP (Missing Fink Records)
  • 10:22am Lazy Anarchy by Cold Meat on Pork Sword Fever – EP (Static Shock)
  • 10:24am Hiroshima by Run Run Run on HOON (Maybe Mars)
  • 10:31am Song 35 by The Austerity Program on Beyond Calculation (Controlled Burn Records)
  • 10:35am The Good Pieces by Red Dirt Girls on Red Dirt Girls (self released)
  • 10:39am “Canli Canli” by IPEK KÖÇMAN on “Canli Canli” / “Uranüs 3000” (Black Pearl Records)
  • 10:42am I Roam No Sea by Catholic Spray on Earth Slime (Born Bad Records)
  • 10:46am Golf by Koudede on Guitars from Agadez Vol. 5 – Single (Sublime Frequencies)
  • 10:49am Total Dementia by Neighborhood Brats on Total Dementia – EP (Erste Theke Tontraeger)
  • 10:51am Amarelasse by Mini Box Lunar on Rough Guide to Psychedelic Brazil (World Music Network)
  • 10:55am Clad In Silver by Here Lies Man on No Ground To Walk Upon (RidingEasy Records)
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