May 26, 2021

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  • 12:00am Chelsea Girls by The Velvet Underground & Nico on Playlist Plus
  • 12:04am The Spectacle by Yautja on The Lurch (Relapse)
  • 12:08am Murmaider II: The Water God by Dethklok on Dethalbum II (Music from the TV Series Metalocalypse) (Adult Swim)
  • 12:13am Bladecatcher by Mastodon on Blood Mountain (Reprise)
  • 12:29am Doctor Please by Pentagram on Blue Explosion: Tribute to Blue Cheer (Black Widow Records)
  • 12:29am Nothing to Say by Jethro Tull on Benefit (Bonus Track Version) (Parlophone UK)
  • 12:36am Drown Me Out by Pity Sex on Feast of Love (Run For Cover Records)
  • 12:41am Freezer Burn / I Wanna Be Your Dog by Sonic Youth on Confusion Is Sex / Kill Yr. Idols (Squeaky Squawk)
  • 12:44am Open Head by Ceremony on Rohnert Park (BRIDGE 9 RECORDS)
  • 12:51am Be free by B.F. Trike on B.F. Trike (Rockadelic Records)
  • 12:52am Hotwax by Beck on Odelay (DGC)
  • 12:57am A Nightmare On My Street by DJ Jazzy Jeff on Collections: D.J. Jazzy Jeff & &he Fresh Prince (Jive)
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