May 18, 2021

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  • 10:02pm Something’s Burning by The Stone Roses on Turns Into Stone (Silvertone)
  • 10:07pm One by Harry Nilsson on Aerial Ballet (RCA/Legacy)
  • 10:14pm Yelli 1 by Baka Forest People Of Southeast Cameroon on Heart of the Forest (Rykodisk)
  • 10:15pm A Hedonist by Exek on Biased Advice (Castle Face)
  • 10:38pm Papagenu (He’s My Sassafrass) by Tenacious D on The Pick of Destiny (Epic)
  • 10:41pm Some Kind of Demon 某一種惡魔 by Gong Gong Gong 工工工 on Phantom Rhythm 幽靈節奏 (Wharf Cat)
  • 10:44pm Green Man by Type O Negative on October Rust (Roadrunner)
  • 10:57pm Midnight Wine by Shannon & The Clams on Year Of The Spider (Easy Eye)
  • 11:00pm I Killed the Monster by Daniel Johnston on Artistic Vice (Eternal Yip Eye)
  • 11:04pm I Am the Shaman by Donovan on I Am the Shaman – Single (Donovan Discs)
  • 11:13pm Lovely Monster by Martin Dupont on Just Because… (Facteurs d’Ambiance)
  • 11:16pm Future Markets by Jonny Greenwood on There Will Be Blood (Music from the Motion Picture) (Nonesuch)
  • 11:19pm Summer Sun by Matt Berry on The Blue Elephant (Acid Jazz UK)
  • 11:27pm Think About It by The Yardbirds on Little Games (Epic)
  • 11:31pm You’ll miss me when I’m not around by Grimes on Miss Anthropocene (4AD)
  • 11:33pm Magic Forest by Fat Mattress on Fat Mattress (Esoteric Recordings)
  • 11:48pm The Breaking Hands by The Gun Club on Mother Juno (Cooking Vinyl)
  • 11:52pm Running With Bigfoot by The Groovie Ghoulies on Monster Club (Eternal Yip Eyes)
  • 11:54pm Sleep by Houses of Heaven on Silent Places (felte)
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