March 8, 2021

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  • 8:00pm Transmission by Steel Harmony on digital single (self-released)
  • 8:00pm Barato Total by Liniker on Barato Total – Single (Liniker Barros / Julio Cesar Gonçalves / Brocal Edições Musicais Ltda)
  • 8:04pm Without a Word by Sanullim on Vol. 3 (Epari Entertainium)
  • 8:08pm 29 by Soul Glo on Songs to Yeet at the Sun – EP (Secret Voice Records)
  • 8:09pm NAVARROHOLMES by Aquiles Navarro & Tcheser Holmes on Heritage of the Invisible II (International Anthem Recording Co.)
  • 8:19pm Southern Freeez (feat. Emanuelle Araújo) by Sonzeira on Brasil Bam Bam Bam (EMI)
  • 8:24pm Kamera Song by The Inner Space & Rosy Rosy on single (Vogue Schallplatten)
  • 8:26pm Absa Gueye by Étoile de Dakar on Volume 1 – Absa Gueye (Syllart Records)
  • 8:32pm Nuso by Adey Omotade on Niri (Adey Omotade)
  • 8:36pm Sleepless Dub by Olof Melander on The Path (Project Mooncircle)
  • 8:43pm Breathless by Wordcolour on Juno Way – EP (Houndstooth)
  • 8:49pm Digital Field Trip by Khotin on Dream Mentor – EP (Public Release Recordings)
  • 8:56pm Kidou by Fugenn & The White Elephants on Kidou – Single (Kongou)
  • 9:01pm Stylish Tantrum by Roza Terenzi on Stylish Tantrum – EP (Step Ball Chain)
  • 9:10pm Changes by Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel on Changes, Pt. 1 – EP (The Other Side)
  • 9:22pm Angin by Jonny Nash & Teguh Permana on Poe (Melody As Truth)
  • 9:34pm Tighten My Belt by Blue Orchids on The Greatest Hit (LTM Publishing)
  • 9:38pm Amaze by Terekke on Yyyyyyyyyy – Single (L.I.E.S.)
  • 9:44pm Like This by Pangaea on Like This (Edit) – Single (Hessle Audio)
  • 9:47pm 24 Hour Flight by Marcos Cabral on American Noise (L.I.E.S.)
  • 9:54pm Salina Lúmen by Babe, Terror on Horizogon (Glue Moon)
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