February 9, 2021

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  • 10:00pm Crimewave by HEALTH on Crimewave – EP (Different Recordings)
  • 10:03pm Rain Dance, Pt. 4 by Derek Bailey on Music and Dance (Revenant)
  • 10:23pm Musica Da Lagoa by Hermeto Pascoal on Self Released (Warner Music Brasil)
  • 10:26pm All the Stolen Land of Palestine by Muslimgauze on Jerusalaam (Staalplaat)
  • 10:31pm Salm 22 by Back Free Church Congregation on Self Released (Self Released)
  • 10:43pm Apollo by Sonny & Linda Sharrock on Paradise (Rhino Atlantic)
  • 10:51pm Water Drums 1 by Baka Forest People Of Southeast Cameroon on Heart of the Forest (Ryko/Rhino)
  • 11:11pm Laida and Mikel Looking for Rhymes by Alessandro Bosetti on Zwölfzungen (Sedimental)
  • 11:22pm End of State by Tashi Dorji on Stateless (Drag City Records)
  • 11:29pm Fundamental Mantra of Bon by Phurpa on Trowo Phurnag Ceremony (Sacred Tibetan Music of Bon Tradition) (Ideologic Organ)
  • 11:41pm Opal Ovals by I 4 A on I 4 A (2493955 Records DK)
  • 11:49pm Conversion by Nashville Ambient Ensemble on Conversion – Single (Centripetal Force)
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