February 8, 2021

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  • 5:01pm Motorboat by Redd Kross on Hot Issue (Bang! Records)
  • 5:04pm We Repel Each Other by Reigning Sound on Too Much Guitar (Merge Records)
  • 5:06pm Theme by Moondog on Moondog (Caribou)
  • 5:09pm Nobody Wants a Lonely Heart by Arthur Russell on Love Is Overtaking Me (Rough Trade)
  • 5:11pm Dialectrics by Peel Dream Magazine on Moral Panics – EP (Tough Love Records)
  • 5:15pm Mimi Pretend by Ulrika Spacek on Modern English Decoration (Tough Love Records)
  • 5:21pm Slideshow by TV Priest on Uppers (Sub Pop Records)
  • 5:24pm Getting Nasty by Ike Turner & The Kings of Rhythm on A Black Man’s Soul (Funky Delicacies)
  • 5:27pm Mean Man by Betty Harris on Soul Jazz Records Presents Betty Harris: The Lost Queen of New Orleans Soul (Soul Jazz Records)
  • 5:31pm I Need Direction by Teenage Fanclub on Howdy! (Sony Music UK)
  • 5:35pm Me & Mr. Honner by Bob Darin on Commitment (HHO)
  • 5:38pm Maid Marian’s Toast by Kiwi jr. on Cooler Returns (Kiwi Jr. Records / Fontana North)
  • 5:41pm One Way Glass by Manfred Mann Chapter Three on Chapter III, Vol. 1 (Cohesion)
  • 5:44pm Do You Love Me Now? by The Breeders on Last Splash (4AD)
  • 5:47pm Take It or Leave It by The Strokes on Is This It (Sony)
  • 5:52pm All These Too, I, I Love by William Basinski on Lamentations (Temporary Residence Ltd.)
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