February 4, 2021

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  • 11:00pm Take Me to the Riot by Stars on In Our Bedroom After the War (Arts & Crafts)
  • 11:04pm Hang On by Dr. Dog on Fate (Park the Van)
  • 11:08pm Buildings & Mountains by The Republic Tigers on Keep Color (Chop Shop)
  • 11:18pm Introduction: Bow and Fire by Blackalicious on Blazing Arrow (Quannum Projects)
  • 11:18pm Electric Feel by MGMT on Oracular Spectacular (RED Ink)
  • 11:21pm Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun on Walking on a Dream (Capitol)
  • 11:24pm House Jam by Gang Gang Dance on Saint Dymphna (The Social Registry)
  • 11:29pm Part IX by Yume Bitsu on The Golden Vessyl of Sound (K)
  • 11:37pm Untitled #8 (Popplagið) by Sigur Rós on ( ) (FatCat)
  • 11:54pm The National Side by Romantica on America (2024)
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