January 21, 2021

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  • 9:00am The Crystal Lake by Grandaddy on The Sophtware Slump (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 9:05am Prologue – Minuet by Franz Waxman on The Bride of Frankenstein (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Back Lot Music)
  • 9:11am Don’t Check the Score by Hamilton Leithauser on The Loves of Your Life (Glassnote Music LLC)
  • 9:17am High Rise by Wand on Plum (Drag City Records)
  • 9:20am Natty Dub by King Tubby on Presents the Roots of Dub (Gorgon Records)
  • 9:23am All Dried Up by Bill Fox on Transit Byzantium (Scat)
  • 9:26am Born in Luton by Shame on Drunk Tank Pink (Dead Oceans)
  • 9:33am The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory by Guided By Voices on Bee Thousand (Scat)
  • 9:35am I Know You Know by Elvis Perkins on Creation Myths (Petaluma Records)
  • 9:39am Chapter 8 “Seashore and Horizon” by Cornelius on FANTASMA (WM Japan)
  • 9:42am Randy Described Eternity by Built to Spill on Perfect from Now On (Warner Records)
  • 9:52am Don’t Blow Your Mind by OSEES on Weirdo Hairdo (Castle Face Records)
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