December 23, 2020

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  • 4:00pm Dance On Vaseline by David Byrne on Abductions and Reconstructions (ESL Music)
  • 4:06pm May Nothing Evil by Saro LT on Vessel (self-released)
  • 4:08pm Upendo by Ithaka on Somewhere South of Somalia (Khalifa)
  • 4:16pm Friday by Phish on Round Room (Elektra Records)
  • 4:23pm The Present Lover by Luomo on The Present Lover (Kinetic / Force Tracks)
  • 4:32pm Miles Runs the Voodoo Down by Miles Davis on Bitches Brew (Legacy Edition) (Columbia/Legacy)
  • 4:46pm Come by Richard H. Kirk on Virtual State (Warp Records)
  • 4:54pm Sonic Wind by Calexico on Hot Rail (Quarterstick Records)
  • 4:58pm Cold Mountains by Saro LT on Vessel (self-released)
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