December 20, 2020

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  • 11:01pm Santa Claus Is Coming to Town by Joseph Spence on Dr Demento’s Holiday In Dementia
  • 11:04pm Orphans by The Gaslight Anthem on American Slang
  • 11:07pm Sweetest Decline by Beth Orton on Central Reservation
  • 11:13pm A Case Of You by Prince on A Tribute To Joni Mitchell
  • 11:16pm Femme Fatale by R.E.M. on Dead Letter Office
  • 11:19pm Happy GD Christmas by Loretta Maine on Happy GD Christmas – Single
  • 11:24pm The Imperatives by Rainer Maria on Long Knives Drawn
  • 11:28pm Full Moon Saturday Night by Annie Sellick on Annie and the Hot Club (Play the Songs of Tom Sturdevant)
  • 11:32pm Down To The River by Ray LaMontagne on One Lonesome Saddle
  • 11:36pm Major Tom by Peter Schilling on The 80’s Part II
  • 11:37pm Merry Christmas Nashville by Io Recording Studios on songs to nog by (io recording)
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