December 17, 2020

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  • 4:04pm No Time by Morgan Bosman on No Time – Single (Morgan Bosman)
  • 4:07pm 90’s Baby by Ria Marie on 90’s Baby – Single (Ria Marie)
  • 4:11pm Hey Now by Lord Goldie on Hey Now – Single (Daddy Buffalo)
  • 4:17pm On My Block by OG tha Gawd on On My Block – Single (OG tha GAWd)
  • 4:21pm Peru by Heru Heru on Cashvillians (Heru Heru)
  • 4:23pm Black Flag by The BlackSon on Black Flag – Single (Independent)
  • 4:30pm Winter Weather by A’Rose on Winter Weather – Single (Z’cano Music)
  • 4:33pm Slow Motion (feat. JoJo) by Lindsey Lomis on Slow Motion (feat. JoJo) – Single (Altadena/Warner Records)
  • 4:36pm Fly Me Out (feat. Daisha McBride) by Jade Million on Fly Me Out (feat. Daisha McBride) – Single (Jade Million)
  • 4:42pm Changes (feat. Wil Merrell) by Trez Bell on Changes (feat. Wil Merrell) – Single (Da Factory Ent.)
  • 4:45pm Slow Down by Langston Bleu on Slow Down – Single (Langston Bleu)
  • 4:48pm Denied by Kiya Lacey on 6 (Kiya Lacey)
  • 4:50pm Pdx by Jahda on Pdx – Single (Jahda)
  • 4:53pm Switch the Hustle (feat. D.K., NCM & Frank Vallon) by Prodigy Records on Switch the Hustle (feat. D.K. & Frank Vallon) – EP (Prodigy Records)
  • 4:57pm Black Queen by Daisha McBride on Hail of a Year – Single (The Rap Girl)
  • 5:01pm L.A. (feat. Tim Gent) by Jamiah on 22 – Ep (636283 Records DK)
  • 5:04pm Supersonic (feat. Nathan Fouts) by Lul Lion on Supersonic (feat. Nathan Fouts) – Single (Cake Records, LLC)
  • 5:07pm Me by Kimberly KNEEcole on Me – Single (Kimberly KNEEcole)
  • 5:14pm Pretty Women by Bryant Taylorr on Pretty Women – Single (Bryant Taylorr)
  • 5:17pm I’m Ready by Saaneah on While You Wait – EP (Timeless Serenity Music Publishing)
  • 5:22pm Hennessey by Chico Rashad on Country Music Never Cries (Be Dumb)
  • 5:25pm Wave Check by Savage on Wave Check – Single (Savage)
  • 5:34pm JUGULAR (feat. Brian Brown) by Reaux Marquez on No Decoys – EP (The Garden LLC)
  • 5:43pm Up! by Reaux Marquez on No Decoys – EP (The Garden LLC)
  • 5:49pm Runnin’ (feat. Reaux Marquez) by Brian Brown on Journey (It’sYoWorld)
  • 5:52pm 650 by Sam Lok on 650 (2239333 Records DK)
  • 5:55pm Play the Game by FU Stan on Lockdown (660671 Records DK2)
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