December 9, 2020

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  • 10:00am Shine In Exile by Beat the Devil on Beat the Devil (Beat the Devil)
  • 10:04am El Árbol de los Venenos (feat. Bombino) by Los Espíritus on Caldero (Alto Valle)
  • 10:09am Who’s Drivin’ Your Plane? by Honeymoon Killers on Sing Sing (1984-1994) (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
  • 10:15am Here We Go by And Mary on Dark Outlands (self released)
  • 10:19am El Gamra by Bab L’ Bluz on Nayda! (Real World Records)
  • 10:22am Ouch ! by Pinch Points on Moving Parts (Six Tonnes De Chair Records)
  • 10:25am Very, Very Hungry by Brian Eno & David Byrne on My Life In the Bush of Ghosts (Nonesuch/Warner Records)
  • 10:29am Hand by Haaz on Haaz (Forbidden Place Records)
  • 10:33am Funky Calypso by Lancelot Layne on Blow ‘Way (Cree Records)
  • 10:36am Shirley by Lambchop on TRIP (City Slang)
  • 10:38am Kiss & Kill by Le Butcherettes on Kiss & Kill (self released)
  • 10:41am Kiss & Kill by Le Butcherettes on Kiss & Kill (self released)
  • 10:45am One Heart by Suliao on single (Maybe Mars)
  • 10:47am My Mumblin’ Baby by Rudy Green on Excello Records Vol. 2 – Southern Rhythm & Rock (Excello Records)
  • 10:49am Eka Dawasak by Indrani Perera on Sri Lanka: The Golden Era of Sinhalese and Tamil Folk-Pop Music (Akuphone)
  • 10:54am Get On The Train by Dead Skeletons on Dead Magick (A Records)
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