December 7, 2020

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  • 4:43pm The Copper Christmas Song by Coope, Boyes & Simpson on Hindsight (No Masters)
  • 4:47pm The Trees Are All Bare by The Iditarod on Yuletide (Camera Obscura)
  • 4:53pm Stir the Fire by John Kirkpatrick, Rosie Cross, Georgina Le Faux, Michael Gregory, Jane Threlfall & Carl Hogsden on Wassail! (Fellside Recordings Ltd)
  • 4:57pm Fire and Wine by Anne Briggs on The Time Has Come (Columbia)
  • 5:01pm A Hazy Shade of Winter by Simon & Garfunkel on Old Friends (Legacy/Columbia)
  • 5:03pm Thrift Store Coats by The Corin Tucker Band on 1,000 Years (Kill Rock Stars)
  • 5:06pm False Sir John by Alasdair Roberts on Revenge of the Folksingers (Delphian)
  • 5:09pm False Lover John by Alasdair Roberts, Olivia Chaney & Concerto Caledonia on Revenge of the Folksingers (Delphian)
  • 5:11pm To Shorten Winter’s Sadness by Sharron Kraus and Harriet Earis on Winter Songs (self)
  • 5:17pm Six King’s Daughters by J.E. Mainer on The Legendary J. E. Mainer (Rural Rhythm)
  • 5:20pm Listen the Snow is Falling by Thea Gilmore on Strange Communion (Fruitcake)
  • 5:23pm In the Cold, Cold Night by Tracey Thorn on Tinsel and Lights (Strange Feeling Records)
  • 5:27pm Vamp to Vibe by Matthew Shipp on Equilibrium (Thirsty Ear Recordings)
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