November 24, 2020

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  • 7:02am Dust by Parquet Courts on Human Performance (Rough Trade)
  • 7:06am Dirt by 1984 on La Creme De Skydog (Skydog)
  • 7:10am She Likes Dirt by Love Tan on Love Tan (Permanent Slump)
  • 7:12am The Silver Bridge by Straw Man Army on Age Of Exile (D4MT LABS INC NEUROSONIC RESEARCH)
  • 7:15am Descending EDIT by Public Eye on Music for Leisure (Pop Wig)
  • 7:22am Hand Or Wrist by Formica Man on Unreleased 2013 (Self Released)
  • 7:24am Adam’s Mammoth by Oilmen on Tremendous Menace / Expect Excellence! LP (ADAADAT)
  • 7:27am Running by Snooper on Music for Spies – EP (Computer Human Records)
  • 7:29am Jinx EDIT by Pork Belly on Jinx / Chew (Self-Released)
  • 7:31am I Am Posable by USA Nails on Character Stop (HEX RECORDS)
  • 7:34am Don’t Say Sorry EDIT by Terry on Terry HQ (Upset The Rhythm)
  • 7:43am Turkey Hunting Techniques (side A) by LeRoy Braungardt on Turkey Hunting Techniques (Professional Artist Records)
  • 8:05am Pop Song by Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin on Pop Song (Goodbye Boozy)
  • 8:07am Pop Queen by Ben Lee on Grandpaw Would (Grand Royal)
  • 8:10am The Perfect Pop Song by All Ashore! on Stayin’ Afloat (Daytrip Records)
  • 8:13am Pop-Pop-Popeye by The Sherrys on single (Guyden Records)
  • 8:15am Argos Farfish by Sharhabil Ahmed on The King of Sudanese Jazz (Habibi Funk 013) (Habibi Funk Records distributed by Groove Attack)
  • 8:28am Calling The Wild Turkey (side B) by LeRoy Braungardt on Turkey Hunting Techniques (Professional Artist Records)
  • 8:46am Gravy (for My Mashed Potatoes) by Dee Dee Sharp on It’s Mashed Potato Time (Cameo)
  • 8:48am Holiday Bird Processed by Educational Film on Unissued (Youtube)
  • 8:50am All That Meat by Mel Henke on La Dolce Henke – The Mad Musical World of Mel Henke (Warner Bros)
  • 8:52am I’m Not a Loser EDIT by Amyl and the Sniffers on Big Attraction – EP (Self-Released)
  • 8:54am In the Future by Neutrals on Personal Computing – Single (Slumberland Records)
  • 8:57am Not the Universe by Alpha Hopper on Alpha Hex Index (HEX RECORDS)
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