November 17, 2020 Breaking Down Walls

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  • 11:30am Rocking Horse Winner by Coyotes in Boxes on And Curtis and Fox (Coyotes in Boxes)
  • 11:34am What the Differences Are by Nellen Dryden on What the Differences Are – Single (Fairfax Records (a subsidiary of AHP Records))
  • 11:38am Walls (feat. Megan Palmer & Bob Lewis) by Slowforce on Walls (feat. Megan Palmer & Bob Lewis) – Single (Slowforcesongs)
  • 11:41am Flickering Protagonist by Lou Turner on Songs for John Venn (SPINSTER)
  • 11:45am Aspiration by Joe Pisapia on Imbolc (Tone Tree Music)
  • 11:48am You’re Still Around by Kristi Rose & Fats Kaplin on You’re Still Around – Single (Pulp Country Records)
  • 11:52am Who Knows by Josh Halper on Who Knows – Single (Dear Life Records)
  • 11:56am Stoned Soul Picnic by The Aqua Velvets on Vol. 1: Hey Everybody Let’s Fall In Love! (Clang! Records)
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