October 18, 2020

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  • 9:01pm Twist Twist Senora by Marty & the Merits on single (Kenilworth)
  • 9:04pm Don’t Get Around by Maly Wladziu on Po Staro Krajsku (Jay Jay)
  • 9:05pm Come by Here by Max Morris on A Preacher and His Piano (Mark Five)
  • 9:08pm Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad by Wanda Jackson on single (Capitol)
  • 9:11pm Sleeping Earth by Lol Creme & Kevin Godley on Consequences (Mercury)
  • 9:17pm Give Me Something by John Lennon & Yoko Ono on Double Fantasy (Geffen)
  • 9:18pm Renaissance Man by The Seventy Sevens on Ping Pong Over the Abyss (Exit)
  • 9:22pm He Died in the Pawiuk Jail by Stanislaw Grzesiuk on NIe Masz Cwaniaka Nad Warszawiaka (Muza)
  • 9:25pm Jim Thorpe All-American by Pearly Mitchell on 45 (Immortal)
  • 9:27pm Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door by Higher on Upward Bound (self-released)
  • 9:35pm I Get Joy by The Voices on We Represent the Almighty God (Shekinah Outreach)
  • 9:38pm Lecuona: Malaguena by The Mighty Moog Conducted by Andrew Kazdin and Thomas Z. Shepard on Everything You Always Wanted to Hear On The Moog (Columbia)
  • 9:42pm Wierchowe by Czlankow Kola Dramatycznego on Songs and Music of the Polish Mountaineers (Jay Jay)
  • 9:46pm Let’s Dance by Hap Palmer on Learning Basic Skills Through Music Volume II (Education Activities, Inc.)
  • 9:48pm Hey, The Moon Is Fallin’ by Sammy Hall on Everybody Has a Dream (Wc7)
  • 9:51pm Shadrach, Meshach, & Abednego by Floyd Robinson & Charlie the Hamster on Bible Stories by Charlie the Hamster (New Light)
  • 9:52pm The Worst Band In the World by 10cc on Sheet Music (Hipgnosis Songs)
  • 9:55pm Morgen by Ivo Robić on Morgen – Single (GAMC)
  • 9:57pm Water by Siddha on 45 (Tulasi Manjari)
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