October 6, 2020 It's Going To Be Ok...??????

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  • 11:30am We The People by Kyshona Armstrong on Listen (Kyshona Armstrong / Tone Tree Music)
  • 11:34am Everlasting Road by Leslie Mills on Everlasting Road (Tiny Violet Records)
  • 11:37am Nice Day by Tommy Womack on There, I Said It! (Cedar Creek Music)
  • 11:41am All My Tears by Julie Miller on Broken Things (Shout!)
  • 11:45am The Edge by Alicia Michilli on Letter from the Edge – EP (Spinnup)
  • 11:48am South Gotta Change by Adia Victoria on South Gotta Change – Single (Atlantic Records)
  • 11:52am I Could’ve Been Your Lover Too by Rachel Baiman on Shame (Free Dirt Records)
  • 11:55am It’s Ok by Stuffy Shmitt on Stuff Happens (Realistic Records)
  • 11:59am Transistor Corazon by Melissa Greener on Transistor Corazon (Anima)
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