October 4, 2020

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  • 7:01am Time’s Encomium: Part I by Charles Wuorinen on Charles Wuorinen: Lepton (Tzadik)
  • 7:18am Jet Set by Dave Pike on Jazz for the Jet Set (Nature Sounds)
  • 7:24am Casa Forte by Isabella Aubert on TCHIC TCHIC – French Bossa Nova – 1963-1974 (Born Bad)
  • 7:26am Nada Irreal by Céu on APKÁ! (Slap)
  • 7:33am Title Theme by Alessandro Coronas on Mutazione (Original Game Soundtrack) (Materia Collective)
  • 7:38am Saturn by Peter Schickele on Silent Running – The Original Soundtrack Album (Decca)
  • 7:42am Seven (We Are) by 7 Below Zero Band on Soul Jazz Records Presents SPACE FUNK: Afro-Futurist Electro Funk in Space 1976-84 (Soul Jazz Records)
  • 7:50am Rain Dance by Herbie Hancock on Sextant (Columbia/Legacy)
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