September 26, 2020

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  • 4:03pm Ebb Tibe by Houston & Dorsey on You’re Not From Around Here (Numero Group)
  • 4:06pm Lisa’s Theme by Big Sir on Big Sir (Mootron Records)
  • 4:10pm The Leanover by Life Without Buildings on Any Other City (Rough Trade)
  • 4:15pm Frosting by HighSchool on Frosting – Single (2098689 Records DK2)
  • 4:17pm Loner by Dehd on Flower of Devotion (Fire Talk)
  • 4:22pm Daily Routine by Disq on Collector (Saddle Creek)
  • 4:27pm Think I’ll Stay by Westerman on Think I’ll Stay – Single (Partisan Records / Fontana North)
  • 4:30pm Reaktor by Helvetia on This Devastating Map (Joyful Noise Recordings)
  • 4:32pm Two Extra Pumps of Bliss by Enjoy on Another Word for Joy (2254575 Records DK)
  • 4:35pm Cordelia by Adult School on Adult School / Dirty Boiz – Single (1055069 Records DK)
  • 4:41pm The Key to Life on Earth by Declan McKenna on Zeros (Columbia)
  • 4:45pm Private Show by Black Marble on Bigger Than Life (Sacred Bones Records)
  • 4:49pm Hags by Bartees Strange on Going Going / HAGS – Single (Brassland Projects)
  • 4:53pm Breakfast Epiphany by Boy Azooga on 1, 2, Kung Fu! (Heavenly Recordings)
  • 4:57pm Ladyflash by The Go! Team on Thunder, Lightning, Strike (Memphis Industries Ltd)
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