Hippie or Not Hippie?

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  • 9:01pm Real Sick Sounds by Katie Lee on Songs of Couch and Consultation (Hallmark)
  • 9:03pm Hey Beatnik! by Stephen & the Farm Band on Up in your Thing (Farm)
  • 9:08pm Ain’t No Great Day by Biff Rose on Children of Light (Mythological Records)
  • 9:13pm Forget Your Hexagram by Under New Management on Under New Management (Fourmost)
  • 9:14pm My Human Gets Me Blues by Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band on Trout Mask Replica (Reprise)
  • 9:21pm Wait Here for the Cops by David Olney & The X-Rays on Contender (Unknown)
  • 9:24pm I Had No Right by Dar Williams on The Green World (Dar Williams Records)
  • 9:28pm A Poem by Daniel Berrigan by Howard Zinn on Artists in a Time of War (Pm Press)
  • 9:35pm Bye Baby Blackbird by Collie Ryan on The Giving Tree (Yoga Records)
  • 9:36pm O De Sjunger Inom Mig by Hallestads Friforsamlings Sangare on Gladje (Cymbal)
  • 9:39pm Jordan Rivers by The Contenders on Tell the World (Messenger)
  • 9:41pm Crosscut Saw by The Underground All-Stars on Extremely Heavy (Dot)
  • 9:47pm Why Don’t You Look into Jesus by Ezekiel’s Wheel on 45 (Bass)
  • 9:50pm Loves You Too by Jonathan & Charles on Another Week to Go (IVR)
  • 9:53pm John the Baptist by Diakonia on Shout Out for Joy (Daybreak)
  • 9:56pm More or Less Husdon’s Bay Again by The Masked Marauders on The Complete Deity Recordings (Rhino/Warner Records)
  • 9:58pm Don’t Worry Mama by Eclectricity on Language of the Heart (Flying Fish)
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