haunted keys

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  • 8:00pm Jynweythek by Aphex Twin on Drukqs (Warp Records)
  • 8:02pm Laistigh den Ghleo by Gareth Quinn Redmond on Laistigh den Ghleo (WRWTFWW Records)
  • 8:13pm Yellow Calcite II by Imaginary Softwoods on Gold Fiction Loop Garden (Field Records)
  • 8:18pm Grow Grow Grow by PJ Harvey on White Chalk (Universal-Island Records Ltd.)
  • 8:21pm Else by Arca on Mutant (Mute)
  • 8:23pm Crossing Into New Life by The Newcomer on Inner Being (Astro Nautico)
  • 8:28pm Вновь и вновь by Katya Yonder on Multiply Intentions (Métron Records)
  • 8:35pm Island of Doom by Agnes Obel on Myopia (Deutsche Grammophon (DG))
  • 8:40pm In Gardens’ Muteness by Julia Holter on Aviary (Domino Recording Co)
  • 8:48pm Gaia by Austra on Future Politics (Domino Recording Co)
  • 8:51pm According to No Plan by Broadcast on Work and Non Work (Warp Records)
  • 8:54pm Among Angels by Kate Bush on 50 Words for Snow (Anti/Epitaph)
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