September 20, 2020

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  • 2:16pm Museum of Time by Jack DeJohnette on Made In Chicago (Live At the Chicago Jazz Festival 2013) (ECM Records)
  • 2:17pm El Sue~No Perdido by Javier Segura on Miracle Steps (Optimo Music)
  • 2:23pm Köln Improvisation (feat. Don Cherry) by Terry Riley & Don Cherry on Live in Köln (February 23, 1975) (Soul Research, Inc.)
  • 2:31pm Black Sea by Xylouris White on The Sisypheans (Drag City Records)
  • 2:35pm Folon by Lamine Cissokho on Kora +1 (Sing a Song Fighter)
  • 2:42pm For a Free Portugal by Charlie Haden on Closeness Duets (A&M)
  • 2:50pm Rem 2 by Ernst Reijseger, David Mott & Jesse Stewart on Different Dreams (Music as Energy)
  • 2:52pm Glass Flowers by Elysian Spring on Glass Flowers (Le Très Jazz Club)
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