September 9, 2020

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  • 12:00am I’m Not Nervous by Square People on Mysteries and Secrets Unzipped: Soundtrack (2012) (s/r)
  • 12:10am Undisciplined Memory Flow by Ratkiller on Comfortably Declined (Baba Vanga)
  • 12:16am Gremling by ML Wah on Shinki Water (Flower Room)
  • 12:22am Sri Ganesh’s Dosa House by Plake 64 & the Hexagrams on All Hail Yeah (NULL ZONE)
  • 12:27am Winner Winner (Beer for Dinner) by Heavy Hand on Northwoods Knives (Polar Ghost)
  • 12:29am Inside Xanthus (Puppet Party) by Ephem-Aural on Escape to Holy Witch Mountain (Ephem-Aural)
  • 12:35am Voice Chip by James West on DJ Midi Mayne Busy Night Time 1997 (BOOTLEG TAPES)
  • 12:39am Your dreams come through by Embarker on Jetta and the Mountain (Send Help)
  • 12:47am Coyote by Magic Tuber Stringband on For A Better Tomorrow (Garden Portal)
  • 12:52am Divine Invasion by Grapefruit on Light Fronds (Moon Glyph)
  • 12:58am Sabotageakte by Chorchill on Nachtfisch (Strategic Tape Reserve)
  • 1:04am We Used to Dance by Black Eagle Child on Six Lugubrious Airs (834756 Records DK)
  • 1:05am Waterfall by Coral Club on Nowhere Island (Not Not Fun Records)
  • 1:07am alley-oop by Dijon on How Do You Feel About Getting Married? – EP (R&R Digital/Warner Records)
  • 1:10am Ocela by Daniel Kordik on Spojky Čiary (Baba Vanga)
  • 1:11am The Lake Down There by Shayu on The Lake Down There – EP (DISPLAY)
  • 1:15am Trance IV by Michael Potter and The Electric Nature on Trance Music (Garden Portal)
  • 1:20am Jazz Music For People Who Think That They’re Better Than You by Suite 309 on 101 Notes on Jazz (Suite 309)
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