WXNA Monkey Trials

Inspired by DJ Rhattfink’s show on the anniversary of the publication of the Origin of Species, DJJD? plays songs from evangelical pushback that eventually resulted in the culture wars.

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  • 9:04pm Evolution… Redefined by Geoff Moore & The Distance on Evolution (ForeFront)
  • 9:08pm He’s the Creator by DANIEL BAND on On Rock (Collector’s Edition) (Retroactive Records)
  • 9:10pm Progress by Crashdog on 8 Years to Nowhere (90-97) (Grrr Records)
  • 9:12pm Tower of Babel by Steve Scott on Love in the Western World (Exit)
  • 9:23pm Secret Agent Christian Spy by Jeff Johnson on Please Forgive Us Lord (Ark)
  • 9:24pm Mr. Professor by Harlan Howard on To the Silent Majority, With Love. (Nugget Records)
  • 9:27pm Dig! (The Origin of Man) by The New Creation on Troubled (Companion Records)
  • 9:35pm Ex Nihilo by Arkangel on Warrior (Joyeuse Garde)
  • 9:37pm In the Beginning by Rev. Rhyme on According to Rap (Birthright)
  • 9:41pm Dust by Nancy Roberts on Kid’s world (Milk & Honey)
  • 9:43pm King Man by Andy Mccarroll and Moral Support on Zionic Bonds (Pilgrim America)
  • 9:51pm Big Bang by Lust Control on Worst of Lust Control (Millennium 8)
  • 9:53pm Father of Lies by Barnabas on Hear the Light (Light)
  • 9:55pm Nightmare #71 by Larry Norman on So Long Ago the Garden (Solid Rock)
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