August 19, 2020

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  • 12:02am Teen Creeps by No Age on Nouns (Sub Pop Records)
  • 12:05am Who Killed Six by Sextile on Albeit Living (felte)
  • 12:08am Prism by Cold Beat on Mother (DFA)
  • 12:12am Babysitter (feat. Trent Reznor) by Tobacco on Hot Wet & Sassy (Ghostly International)
  • 12:16am Night of the Hunter by Long Knife on Night of the Hunter – Single (Beach Impediment)
  • 12:18am Murder by Spice on SPICE (Dais Records)
  • 12:22am New Years by Public Eye on Music for Leisure (Pop Wig)
  • 12:24am Hands by Lithics on Tower of Age (Trouble In Mind Records)
  • 12:30am Jordan, Minnesota by Big Black on Atomizer (Remastered) (Touch and Go)
  • 12:33am Malawa Beat by ML Was on No Slack (Crash Symbols)
  • 12:41am Human Cannonball by Butthole Surfers on Locust Abortion Technician (Touch and Go)
  • 12:47am Sygote Fuzz by Bysmuti on Τίποτα (Orb Tapes)
  • 1:00am GTB by Kush Jones on Outta Bounds EP (Fool’s Gold)
  • 1:06am Track 3 by Ilana on Ilana – Single (Memorials of Distinction)
  • 1:09am As Many Candles As Possible by The Mountain Goats on Getting Into Knives (Merge Records)
  • 1:12am Fancy by Orville Peck on Show Pony – EP (Columbia)
  • 1:20am Green Tea Jameson Lemon by Grotta Terraza on Stumpfer Gegenstand (Maple Death Records)
  • 1:25am Loss of want back there by The Caretaker on Everywhere, an Empty Bliss (Boomkat)
  • 1:33am Water and Soil by Daniel Saylor on Plastic Presence (Third Kind Records)
  • 1:34am Where Is My Palm Leaf? by Spiritczualic Enhancement Center on Transporting Salt (Crash Symbols)
  • 1:39am And I Do Feel Ajar Somehow by YlangYlang on Life Without Structure (Crash Symbols)
  • 1:51am Does Anyone Actually Ever Kill Themselves by One More Final I Need You on We Loved Each Other And It Was Awful (Already Dead Tapes)
  • 1:51am SIDE A by Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt on Gucci Tops & Bottoms (Fake Estates)
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