August 16, 2020

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  • 10:01pm Dungtitled (In A Major) by Stars of the Lid on And Their Refinement of the Decline (kranky)
  • 10:07pm Part 1/ IBM 1401 Processing Unit by Jóhann Jóhannsson on IBM 1401 a User’s Manual (4AD)
  • 10:15pm Inspirit by Julianna Barwick on Healing Is a Miracle (Ninja Tune)
  • 10:19pm Í Gær by Sigur Rós on Hvarf / Heim (EMI Records)
  • 10:27pm It’s a Rainy Day on the Cosmic Shore by Ana Roxanne on ~~~ – EP (Leaving Records)
  • 10:33pm When It Hurts to Remember by Hammock on Silencia (Hammock Music)
  • 10:39pm Pak Goot by Lua with Phayam on Hibiscus (CHO OYU)
  • 10:45pm Rooftop by This Will Destroy You on Vespertine (Dark Operative)
  • 10:51pm Sunfire by Hotel Neon on Vanishing Forms (Archives)
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