Solid, Liquid, Gas: A Survey of Gastrointestinal Issues in Popular Music

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  • 9:02pm It’s a Gas by The Hombres on Let It Out (Verve Forecast)
  • 9:04pm Constipation Blues (Live) by Screamin’ Jay Hawkins & The Fuzztones on Live (Cleopatra)
  • 9:09pm Fart When You Pee (clean) by MonoNeon on My Feelings Be Peeling (Mononeon)
  • 9:11pm Fartstep by Andy Rehfeldt on single (self-released)
  • 9:14pm All Trollies Go to the Aquarium by Kudzu Kompany on I Want a TempurPedic Casket (self released)
  • 9:19pm Poop for Soprano and Orchestra by J. Marks on Rock and Other Four Letter Words (Columbia)
  • 9:26pm Flushed from the Bathroom of Your Heart by Johnny Cash on At Folsom Prison (Columbia)
  • 9:32pm Pyhäpäivä by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät on The Best of Greatest Hits (Epic)
  • 9:33pm Plunger by Wazmo Nariz on Things Aren’t Right (Illegal)
  • 9:36pm Grocery Stores and Bathroom Doors by Joe Wayman and Don Mitchell on Imagination & Me (KBK)
  • 9:37pm The Intergalactic Laxative (clean) by Donovan on Cosmic Wheels (Epic)
  • 9:40pm Smoothie by Kimya Dawson on Alphabutt (Great Crap Factory)
  • 9:43pm The Bathroom Is a Creepy Place for Pictures of Your Friends by Twothirtyeight on You Should Be Living (Tooth & Nail (TNN))
  • 9:45pm For Marcel Duchamp’s Fountain by MonoNeon on single (self-realeased)
  • 9:50pm Soaky in the Pooper by Lambchop on I Hope You’re Sitting Down (Merge)
  • 9:54pm Bathtub Surfing by The San Sebastian Strings on Home to the Sea (Rhino/Warner Records)
  • 9:56pm Toot-Toot-Tootsie Goodbye by Tiny Tim on Concert in Fairyland (Bouquet)
  • 9:57pm A Mighty Wind by The New Main Street Singers on A Mighty Wind – The Album (DMZ)
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