July 28, 2020

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  • 2:14pm Six Space Shuttles and 144,000 Elephants by Lonnie Holley on Keeping a Record of It (Dust-to-Digital)
  • 2:14pm I Like to Stay Home by R. Stevie Moore on Glad Music (Spunky Monkey Music)
  • 2:15pm Supercuts by Rodney O & Joe Cooley on Greatest Hits (Hood Muscle Entertainment)
  • 2:16pm My Time to Live by Chrome on The Visitation (Cleopatra Records)
  • 2:16pm The Age of Self by Robert Wyatt on Old Rottenhat (Domino Recording Company)
  • 2:16pm Her Story by The Flying Lizards on The Flying Lizards (Caroline Records)
  • 2:18pm Legalize Marijuana (LP Version) by David Peel and The Lower East Side on And the Rest Is History – The Elektra Recordings (Elektra)
  • 2:19pm Where Are You Now by Jermaine Jackson on Let’s Get Serious (Motown)
  • 2:19pm Wheel of Fortune by Nick Garrie on The Lost Songs of Nick Garrie-Hamilton: Selected Recordings 1968- 2002 (Cherry Red Records)
  • 2:20pm Moonshine Bandit by Harry Nilsson on That’s the Way It Is (RCA/Legacy)
  • 2:20pm People’s Park by Beaver & Krause on In a Wild Sanctuary / Gardharva (Rhino/Warner Records)
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