We’re almost there, Karen! - July 8, 2020

On this week’s show Rick tries to build a computer and his producer joins Cameo.

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  • 1:41pm Friends of Friends by Hospitality on Hospitality (Bonus Track Version) (Merge Records)
  • 1:44pm Here Comes the Summer by The Fiery Furnaces on EP (Rough Trade)
  • 1:47pm Evergreen by The Fiery Furnaces on EP (Rough Trade)
  • 1:52pm Attrape-rêve by Polo & Pan on Feel Good – EP (Universal Music Distribution Deal)
  • 1:56pm Sam’s Band (Pop Version) by ConcernedApe on Stardew Valley (Original Game Soundtrack) (ConcernedApe)
  • 1:57pm Blinding Lights by The Weeknd on After Hours (Republic Records)
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