Woah, a Horizontal Cut - June 24, 2020

This week on the show some talk about summer festivals, food delivery and what the teens are up to.

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  • 1:35pm Burning Down the House (Live) by Talking Heads on Stop Making Sense (Live) [Special New Edition] (Warner Records)
  • 1:39pm Summer of Your Dreams by 2nd Grade on Hit to Hit (Double Double Whammy)
  • 1:42pm wavedash.Ppt by Lena Raine on Celeste: Farewell (Original Soundtrack) (Materia Collective)
  • 1:48pm False Prophet by Bob Dylan on Rough and Rowdy Ways (Columbia)
  • 1:54pm You Better Mind by Bessie Jones on Get in Union (Tompkins Square)
  • 1:57pm Jump and Shout by The Dirtbombs on Ooey Gooey Chewy Ka-Blooey! (In The Red)
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