April 20, 2020

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  • 6:02am Right Time by The Ventons on Right Time (796820 Records DK)
  • 6:05am Walk Alone by The Time Burners on Walk Alone – Single (The Time Burners)
  • 6:08am Me and My Baby by Mel Peekaboo on Straight to Your Heart (El Toro Records)
  • 6:10am In a Rut by Whitney Rose on We Still Go to Rodeos (MCG Recordings)
  • 6:13am Howl Big Wolf by Susan Brown & The Ballin’ Keen on Howl Big Wolf (Susan Brown)
  • 6:17am Just Your Style by Bonnie Montgomery & Rosie Flores on Just Your Style – Single (Bonnie Montgomery)
  • 6:21am Old Chevy on the Run by Old Chevy on On the Run (Old Chevy)
  • 6:24am Holy One by Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys on Play & Sing The Songs Of Freddy Fender (Baldemar Records)
  • 6:28am Two Timin’ Woman by Jack Scott on Best Of The Rockabilly Years (Rockabilly Records)
  • 6:30am Memphis Beat by Jerry Lee Lewis on Memphis Beat (Mercury Nashville)
  • 6:34am Buried Our Love by Webb Wilder on Night Without Love (Landslide)
  • 6:37am Mayo and the Mustard by Jesse Daniel on Rollin’ On (Die True Records)
  • 6:41am I Got Boogie by Mystery Gang on Rockin’ Anthology (EDGE Records (HMR Music Kft.))
  • 6:44am For You Alone by Kenny Rogers on Supper In The Gutter (Golden Bridge Records)
  • 6:47am Love Vows on the Telephone by The BrillianTears on Love Vows on the Telephone (Teensville)
  • 6:51am The Cats Were Jumpin’ by John Worthan on Rock ‘n’ Roll Orgy Volume Two (Flesh Den)
  • 6:53am Hometown Boogie by BR549 on Greatest Misses 2 (BR5-49)
  • 6:56am House of Bamboo (feat. Magdalena O’Connell) by The Hi-Tide Orchestra on House of Bamboo (feat. Magdalena O’Connell) – Single (Hi-Tide Recordings)
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