March 30, 2020 ~ PRGO: SHOW...# 200 !!! Who knew? Here's your ramblin' host, just playin' records during sequestration...ENJOY! <3 ~PR

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  • 10:03am 1000 Umbrellas by XTC on Skylarking (Remastered 2001) (UMC (Universal Music Catalogue))
  • 10:07am Certified Senior Citizen by Mose Allison on Jazz Profile: Mose Allison (Blue Note Records)
  • 10:11am World’s Strongest Man by Gaz Coombes on World’s Strongest Man (Caroline International)
  • 10:19am Anxious by The Housemartins on London 0 Hull 4 (Deluxe Edition) (Elektra)
  • 10:21am Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police on The Very Best of Sting & The Police (Polydor Associated Labels)
  • 10:25am Worried One by Kami Lyle on Blue Cinderella (Geffen* Records)
  • 10:29am A Bird In That Cage by Jules Shear on Healing Bones (Mercury Records)
  • 10:36am Here Comes the Sun by Peter Briener & His Chamber Orchestra on Beatles Go Baroque (HHH International)
  • 10:37am Walkin’ Through This World by Cidny Bullens on Walkin’ Through This World (
  • 10:41am The Hours Have Passed by Andy Goldmark on Andy Goldmark (Warner Bros.)
  • 10:44am It’s Been All over Before by Tommy Womack on Namaste (Tommy Womack)
  • 10:47am I Talk to the Trees by The Smothers Brothers on Curb Your Tongue, Knave! (Mercury Records)
  • 10:51am It’s Too Late to Turn Back Now by The Cornelius Brothers and Sister Rose on Back to Back Hits: Bobby Womack/The Cornelius Bros. & Sister Rose (Cema Special Products)
  • 10:55am Everywhere I Go by Jackson Browne on I’m Alive (Elektra)
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