Quarantine Collection

Songs DJJD? bought just before starting quarantine. Features funk, soul, gospel, and other weirdos–all from Nashville.

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  • 9:01pm mama get the hammer, there’s a fly on baby’s head by Bobby Gregory on 45 (gregorian)
  • 9:03pm Ingram Kingdom by Ingram Family on Ingram Kingdom (Excello)
  • 9:09pm Poor Man by Sister Lucille Pope on Holding On (Nashboro)
  • 9:12pm Nashville Jack Magic by Chris Gantry on Motor Mouth (Monument/Legacy)
  • 9:18pm Bumpkins Demise by Daren Blanchard on RIMUSIC III (mtsu)
  • 9:23pm I Need Love by Nazty on I Got to Move (Mankind)
  • 9:25pm Life Turned Her That Way by Mack Vickery on Live at the Alabama Women’s Prison (Mega)
  • 9:33pm Don’t Make Me Pregnant by Marshall Chapman on Marshall (Tallgirl Records)
  • 9:37pm My Lord and Master by Demetriss Tapp on A Little Bit of Demetriss (Nasco)
  • 9:40pm Let It Be by Rev. Cleophus Robinson on Nothing But God’s Word (Nashboro)
  • 9:44pm It’s Gonna Rain by Voices of Zion Choir on Voices of Zion Choir (Carrie)
  • 9:48pm Lord Have Mercy by Rev. Isaac Douglas & the I. Douglas Singers on You Really Ought to Get to Know Him (Creed)
  • 9:50pm Watch Out for the Humans by Andrew & the Upstarts on Uproar (Upstart)
  • 9:53pm Thank You by Bobby Powell on Thank You (Excello)
  • 9:56pm Back Home In Tennessee by Lee Clayton on Border Affair (Capitol Records)
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