March 19, 2020

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  • 4:32pm Waiting by Langston Bleu on Waiting – Single (Independent)
  • 4:35pm Fly Me Out (feat. Daisha McBride) by Jade Million on Fly Me Out (feat. Daisha McBride) – Single (Jade Million)
  • 4:39pm Steely Dan (feat. OGTHAGAWD) by Brian Brown on Journey (It’sYoWorld)
  • 4:44pm Broke by Sarah Mae Chilton on Broke – Single (Sarah Mae Chilton)
  • 4:51pm Come Go With Me (feat. PJ Morton) by Mike Hicks on Come Go With Me (feat. PJ Morton) – Single (Mike Hicks Music)
  • 4:55pm Leave Your Light On by Amanda Broadway Band on The Ache (Mrs Marway Records)
  • 5:02pm Light It Up by Michelle Brooke on Light It Up – Single (Michelle Brooke)
  • 5:08pm Go by Alanna Royale on So Bad You Can Taste It – EP (Alanna Royale, LLC.)
  • 5:11pm Throw It Back by Trez on Throw It Back – Single (Trez)
  • 5:14pm Nashville to L.A. by Daisha McBride on Nashville to L.A. – Single (The Rap Girl)
  • 5:19pm Venomous by Morgan Bosman on Venomous – Single (1237986 Records DK)
  • 5:22pm Runaway by Madalyn Martin on Runaway – Single (1444083 Records DK2)
  • 5:26pm Weekend Warrior by Blake Ruby on Space!! (Acrophase Records)
  • 5:28pm Gemini by Ayanna Jahneé on Gemini – EP (Ayanna Jahneé)
  • 5:31pm Stained Glass by The BlackSon on Fresh Air – EP (Black City Recordings)
  • 5:36pm Listen by Kyshona Armstrong on Listen – EP (Kyshona Armstrong / Tone Tree Music)
  • 5:40pm The Good Life by Devon Gilfillian on Black Hole Rainbow (Capitol Records)
  • 5:44pm Please Don’t by Arreic on Please Don’t – Single (Arreic Star Entertainment)
  • 5:46pm Talkin’ Bad Blues by Lindsey Lomis on Chapter I – EP (Bresslyn Entertainment)
  • 5:50pm Crazy Things by Lauren McClinton on Dawn (Lauren McClinton)
  • 5:53pm LA by Jamiah Hudson (Jamiah Hudson)
  • 5:55pm Girls Need Love Too by Bryant Taylorr on Girls Need Love Too (Bryant Taylorr)
  • 5:58pm Who Are You by Nathan Fouts on Who Are You – Single (Cake Records, LLC)
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