March 9, 2020: One for Us, #NashvilleStrong 👊All local music.

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  • 5:02pm Guitar Town by Steve Earle on Guitar Town (MCA Nashville)
  • 5:04pm I Like It Down Here by Will Kimbrough on I Like It Down Here (Daphne Records)
  • 5:08pm Southern Babylon by Ashley McBryde on Girl Going Nowhere (Atlantic/Warner Music Nashville)
  • 5:12pm Ferris Wheel by David Olney on Don’t Try To Fight It (Red Parlor Records)
  • 5:17pm Greying Out by Clockhammer on Klinefelter (Funzalo Records)
  • 5:22pm Reason by Bully on Feels Like (Beehive Music Records)
  • 5:24pm Mosquito Bite by Daddy Issues on Deep Dream (2670records)
  • 5:28pm Golden Days by Jason & The Scorchers on Halcyon Times (Nashvegas Flash / Courageous Chicken Entertainment)
  • 5:35pm Believe in You by Party of Shine on Party of Shine (Swashbuckling Hobo Records)
  • 5:38pm Lamplight Shining by Jet Black Factory on Duality (391 Records)
  • 5:44pm Whatever it Takes to Win by Benjamin Stranger on cd-single (Self-Released)
  • 5:50pm Eve’s Daughter by Amanda Shires on To the Sunset (Silver Knife Records)
  • 5:53pm Level by The Raconteurs on Broken Boy Soldiers (Third Man Records)
  • 5:57pm Fish Stick Day by Government Cheese on 1985 – 1995 (Cedar Creek Music)
  • 6:00pm Sea of Red by Frances & the Foundation on Why Not Just Say It? – EP (Frances & the Foundation)
  • 6:04pm Boomtown by The Questionnaires on City Without a Subway (Neo Records)
  • 6:06pm Trinity Lane by Lilly Hiatt on Trinity Lane (New West Records)
  • 6:11pm The Joy by DeRobert & The Half-Truths on Soul In a Digital World (G.E.D. Soul Records)
  • 6:15pm I’m Okay by The Minks on I’m Okay – Single (The Minks)
  • 6:24pm Time Will Tell by Minor Powers on Stones We Keep (Minor Powers)
  • 6:27pm I Hear a Symphony by Matthew Ryan on East Autumn Grin (A&M Records)
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