Streaming on Toodleoo - February 26, 2020

This week Rick ponders the state of the internet internet, but also, the meaning of the word ‘docket’. Meanwhile, Rick needs to payoff his agent, and a list is read of the top British Dramedies.

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  • 1:36pm Chicken Gumbo by Preston Love on Johnny Otis Presents: Preston Love’s Omaha Bar-B-Q (Johnny Otis World LLC)
  • 1:38pm BoJack’s Theme (Full Length) [feat. Ralph Carney] by Patrick Carney on BoJack Horseman (Music from the Netflix Original Series) (Lakeshore Records)
  • 1:48pm A Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Director’s Edit Version) by Shiro Sagisu & Yoko Takahashi on Neon Genesis Evangelion (Original Series Soundtrack) (King)
  • 1:57pm Growing Up With GNR by Aqueduct on I Sold Gold (Barsuk)