February 24, 2020 ~ PRGO 195: Bass legend CHUCK RAINEY speaks about how submerging his ego helped land session gigs with everyone from Steely Dan to Aretha. Also: Acoustic guitar wizard MIKE DAWES demonstrates his singular techniques!

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  • 10:03am I Got The News (excerpt) by Steely Dan on Citizen (Box Set) (ABC)
  • 10:03am The ‘Sanford and Son’ Theme (excerpt) by Quincy Jones on Sanford and Son (RCA)
  • 10:04am Your Bright Baby Blues (excerpt) by Jackson Browne on The Pretender (Asylum)
  • 10:06am Move With Me (excerpt) by Tim Buckley on Greetings From L.A. (Warner Bros.)
  • 10:13am Until You Come Back to Me (That’s What I Am Going to Do) by Aretha Franklin on The Atlantic Albums Collection (Rhino Atlantic)
  • 10:16am Won’t Be Long by Aretha Franklin on Aretha In Person with the Ray Bryant Combo (Expanded Edition) (Columbia/Legacy)
  • 10:21am Rock Steady (excerpt) by Aretha Franklin on single (Atlantic)
  • 10:26am Groovin’ by The Rascals on Time Peace – The Rascals’ Greatest Hits (Atlantic)
  • 10:32am Babylon Sisters (excerpt) by Steely Dan on Gaucho (ABC)
  • 10:36am Reverend Lee (excerpt) by Roberta Flack on Chapter Two (Atlantic)
  • 10:40am People Got to Be Free (excerpt) by The Rascals on single (Atlantic)
  • 10:50am Never Comes the Day (excerpt) by The Moody Blues on On the Threshold of a Dream (London)
  • 10:57am The Old Room (excerpt) by Mike Dawes on Era (Qten Records)
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