Vinyl Grab Bag

A jumbled theological mess from DJ Jonni Downer’s new vinyl purchases.

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  • 9:01pm Band 5 by Earl Scruggs on 5-String Banjo Instruction Album (Self-Released)
  • 9:03pm Acid Is Groovy Kill The Pigs by Joe Christ on Essential Christ (Long Live Crime Records)
  • 9:05pm Forever by Pete Drake on The Pete Drake Show (Stop)
  • 9:08pm Working Mood by Byron Lee & The Dragonaires on Reggay International (Dynamic)
  • 9:09pm Thou Shalt Not Steal by The Newbeats on The Singles A’s & B’s (Not Bad Records)
  • 9:13pm Love Song – Tahi Nei Taru Kino by Wi Haeiriti on Festival Polynesia! (Polynesian Cultural Center)
  • 9:15pm Infinity by Suuns on Hold/Still Remixes (Secret City Records)
  • 9:21pm Lesbian Seagull by Tom Wilson on Gay Name Game (Aboveground Recordings)
  • 9:25pm 1000 Years B.C. by People! on I Love You (Capitol)
  • 9:28pm Dead Animals by The Jag on Dead Animals – Single (The Jag)
  • 9:33pm What Is a Mammal? by Marais and Miranda on Nature Songs (from Ballads for the Age of Science) (Motivation Records)
  • 9:35pm GI Haircut by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel on Love’s a Prima Donna (EMI)
  • 9:36pm Finally a Card Came by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel on Love’s a Prima Donna (EMI)
  • 9:37pm No Gender by Bermuda Triangle on Bermudas II (Tribecket)
  • 9:43pm The Magic Ice Cube by The Holy Ghost Reception Committee #9 on Songs for Liturgical Worship (Void Records)
  • 9:47pm Killing Spree by What’s Your Damage? on What’s Your Damage? (Zap)
  • 9:51pm The Twist (Buffapella) by Fat Boys on Single (Tin Pan Apple)
  • 9:53pm au sango–panpipe ensemble by Hugo Zemp on Musical Source: The Primeval Cultures I-1 (Philips)
  • 9:57pm Singing in Many Voices by Marisa Anderson on The Golden Hour (Chaos Kitchen Music)
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