January 2, 2020

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  • 8:01pm All by Myself by Mooon on Safari (Bickerton Records)
  • 8:04pm Transmitting from the Blind Guard by Lucille Furs on Another Land (Requiem pour un Twister)
  • 8:06pm Is This Where by Crave On on Ace on the Outspeaker (Weird Conversations)
  • 8:13pm Life’s Too Short by SACRED PAWS on Run Around the Sun (Rock Action Records)
  • 8:20pm Funny Money by Las Kellies on Suck This Tangerine (Fire Records)
  • 8:21pm Black and White by The Raincoats on The Raincoats (We ThRee)
  • 8:25pm More Fool Me by Imperial Wax on Gastwerk Saboteurs (Saustex Records & Entertainment, LLC)
  • 8:31pm Long Time Jerk by The Clash on Super Black Market Clash (Epic/Legacy)
  • 8:33pm Strawberry Shake by Juleah on Desert Skies (Konkord)
  • 8:35pm Marie douceur Marie colère by Marie Laforêt on Marie Laforêt : Ses grands succès (Universal Music Division Polydor)
  • 8:39pm Une Lune étrange by L’Épée on Diabolique (‘a’ Records)
  • 8:44pm Too Much Tension by The Mystery Lights on Too Much Tension! (Wick Records)
  • 8:51pm He’s Different Than Before by The Gonks on Five Things You Didn’t Know About the Gonks (Rocks in Your Head)
  • 8:52pm Playing On the Radio by The Shivas on Dark Thoughts (Tender Loving Empire)
  • 8:55pm Double Exposure by Kelley Stoltz on Double Exposure (Third Man Records)
  • 8:58pm Snowflakes by Le SuperHomard on Meadow Lane Park (Elefant Records)
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